Are graphic designers artists or designers? Our clients ask us questions like these all the time. We like to say they are both. In graphic design, a message is illustrated so a thought is portrayed in an artistic manner. Graphic designers can form to many molds: Designers, Visual Designers, Art Production Managers, Brand Identity Developers, Interactive Designers, Creative Directors, Logo Designers, Illustrators, Image Strategists, and Web Designers. These are all titles that you can earn with or without a degree because art and design come directly from passion.

Web designers, specifically, have a particular role of building solid designs and executing brand strategies on websites. They create graphics, pages, layouts, and interactive pieces for websites. They can be skilled in specific specialties, such as image-based design, type-based design, image and type-based design, or they can specialize in symbols, logos, and logotypes. Web designers create the visual story map of websites through infographics, video display, interactive advertisements, and images that tell businesses’ stories. For instance, some of our graphic design artists have created images and videos and have used fun blog formats.

It’s important to know when hiring a website designer what you want to accomplish and with what software. Most graphic artists work with AdobeInDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Dreamweaver, and many designers choose to use Mac computers over PCs. Additionally, you’ll want to know the designers’ ability to work with responsive design and on which tools and devices the users will be accessing the design and content (e.g., apps, tablets, PCs, or cellular devices). Also, remember to review their online or print portfolio to assess whether their design specialties fit in line with your company’s needs.

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